Nola Bamboo Cutting Board


15 inches X 12 inches


Nola Bamboo Cutting Board

The front of the Nola Bamboo Cutting Board is designed for displaying on your counter or serving with New Orleans Terms, while the back is left for plain for chopping.  The cutting board displays New Orleans Terms like "Po-Boy", "gumbo", "Muffulettas", "Red Beans and Rice", and more.

Size is 15 inches X 12 inches.

Care and Use:
Hand wash using mild soap and hot water on both sides (this will avoid warping).
Dry thoroughly and stand upright until fully dry.
Apply a coat of mineral oil to the cutting surface occasionally.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs

1 review for Nola Bamboo Cutting Board

  1. New Orleans Lady

    A cutting board to remind me of home. Getting one.

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